Monday, August 10, 2009


  • All persons present must NOT be under the influence of any illegal substances/drugs during your cleaners' visit.

  • Photography or any other hidden recording devices may not be used during your appointment unless your maid gives written permission.

  • Our cleaners will not clean ovens, unblock toilets or drains or move heavy objects or perform any cleaning work that will leave them looking or feeling dirty and smelling undesirable! Our cleaners do not work in the garden.
  • If there is more than one adult in the home during our visit we must be informed beforehand.
  • Never ask the cleaner for his/her phone number.
  • Any discrepancies with the cleaning service must be communicated to the cleaner before the end of the appointment. Your cleaner will be happy to redo anything missed. We do not send replacement cleaners.
  • Security will be provided by the company upon the request of the Maid. The bodyguard will drive the Maid to the location of the job, escort the him/her to the door, return to the vehicle, and watch for any signs of distress. Security will not interfere in any way, unless their service is needed.
  • The client is to schedule a specific amount of time for cleaning. The Maids are to notify the office of both their arrival and departure, This ensures us of the Maids safety and your satisfaction. The client may request additional time during the scheduled cleaning, if - and only if - the Maid has adequate time in their schedule and it is approved by the office before the scheduled end of the session. Extra time will be billed for immediately.
  • Maid of Pearls is a company that offers a professional house cleaning service, and the Maids have been trained in their duties. The Maids will not however, be expected to deal with excessive dirt and grime. They will not be in proper attire for heavy duty cleaning. The Maids do have the right to refuse service at their own discretion.
  • Tips are always appreciated.
Q. How do I make payment?

A. Cash or PAYPAL

Q. Why do I need a deposit?
A. To insure that the appointment is solidified. We will refund the deposit if notified 48 hours in advance. Otherwise, your deposit will not be refunded. The DEPOSIT IS 50% of your services. The
Q. Can I help the girls?
A. Yes, we allow you to help out with the cleaning. A shared cleaning helps you build a better rapport with your helper and make the atmosphere better.
Q. Can I touch the helpers?
A. Fondling or accosting our helpers is considered harassment. To prevent charges of harassment we do not permit you to touch the helpers. Be sure to keep your hands to yourself and make our cleaners feel comfortable at all times. If the cleaner is harassed in any sexual way, she or he will leave your premises immediately with no refund.
Q. Can the helpers give sexual favors?
A. No. Paying for sexual favors is considered prostitution. Our helpers are not escorts or companions. We do not provide extra services. We do not engage in any illegal activity.
Q. Can I pleasure myself while the helper is cleaning?
A. The answer is NO. Our services are completely non-sexual. We want our Pearls to feel completely comfortable.
Q. Will the helper arrive in their sexy attire?
A. No. Our helpers arrive in their normal attire then change in to their work uniforms.
Q. Why don't the helpers bring cleaning supplies?
A. We prefer not to bring equipment or supplies from house to house because they may introduce allergens into the home. If you do not have any cleaning supplies or equipment, the helpers will bring them for an additional cost.
Q. Are there any hidden cost or upsell?
A. No. When you set up you appointment with the office every price, discount and savings will be discussed with you. The amount that is quoted will be the final  payment amount.

****You and any other persons present during the service must be 21 or older, if we have any doubts you will be asked to prove your age.****

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